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Does Lady Gaga Love Anime?

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish fashion. But just where did she get her ideas from? Is it possible that she was influenced by anime?

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Thoughts on 2010

2010 was a great year. One of the best years I’ve had. Since 2004, every 3 years has been great for me. Although, according to my sister, this was the worst year ever, and I don’t blame her. For the … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Bares All

Lady Gaga bared her butt on Twitter (NSFW). But this is no sex scandal.

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School of Gaga

To any Little Monster out there, it sounds almost too good to be true: a college course about Lady Gaga. But in Spring of 2011, that’s exactly what some students at the University of South Carolina will be studying about. … Continue reading

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One Year of Gaga

It was exactly ONE YEAR AGO to the day that I became a Lady Gaga fan. I first saw her perform at the 2009 MTV Awards, but didn’t like her until the AMAs on November 21st, 2009. I bought her poster … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Before The Fame She’s the one in the black dress. And yes, that is her natural hair color. If you don’t believe me, you should see her singing on the piano live at NYU. Source

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Lady Gaga: Queen of Twitter

Recently, Lady Gaga became the queen of Twitter, meaning she has more followers than anyone else. I don’t use Twitter much, but I am one of her followers. ^_^ Right now, Gaga has 5,851,181 followers while Britney Spears has 5,751,126, … Continue reading

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Banned from Hikimate

There’s this forum that my friend told me about called Hikimate. It’s a fairly new site –– only a month old. So I thought it would be cool to join. It’s always fun watching new sites grow. Today, the admin … Continue reading

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2 Years of "The Fame"

It’s been 2 years since Lady Gaga released her first album “The Fame”. This is the landmark album that brought us the songs: “Just Dance”, “LoveGame”, “Paparazzi”, my favorite song of all-time “Poker Face”. ^_^ In just two short years, … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour (Part 2)

CLICK FOR PART 1  Photo from gagadaily This was the FIRST concert I’d ever been to. This was like my sister’s 5th. I thought Lady Gaga was going to come out at exactly 8:00pm, but Semi Precious Weapons opened instead. … Continue reading

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