Night Shift Nurses [Review]

Night Shift Nurses Doctor Gynecologist Hirasaka Ryuji“I’m a Scatman!”

Konnichiwa, Mikuites! Having seen the infamous Night Shift Nurses hentai twice over, I’ve come to realize that one of my favorite anime has perhaps…soiled over time. A lot has changed in the last 4 years since I last saw it, and besides growing older, I’ve come to realize (and admit) that NSN is hardly any more than shock value.

That’s not to say it’s the only one of its kind––Bible Black also followed in its footsteps––but like a smelly pile of shit, NSN has not aged well. The girls aren’t even that pretty, at least by today’s standards. The premise of NSN sounds like something out of your typical cheesy porno, and it is. The story follows a linear path that only a badly made visual novel could come up with.

Ryuji Hirasaka (above) becomes a gynecologist at St. Juliana Hospital, only to discover that the female president wants him to seduce/recruit the nurses in order to use them in a new department that will pander to patients’ sexual interests. Because, you know, every medical patient is willing to pay a little extra to get special something-something from some hot, young nurses––I know I would; I would pretend to have a fever every day!

Ya, and that’s about the most mild part of this show.

Dr. Hirasaka’s first encounter is with Ren Nanase, who was and still is my favorite of the libidinous ladies…I-I mean nurses. I used to admire the way Dr. Hirasaka used his wits to blackmail the girls into doing anything he wanted, but now it just seems unbelievable. Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that women aren’t that easily coaxed into doing such unorthodox, bowel emptying things (at least when they are not drugged). To see Ren douche herself with the only motivation being, “I’ll do it for Naoya-kun (her boxer boyfriend)!”––not even deprived men are desperate enough to have pain-inducing sex with a complete stranger for the sake of their crush.

Night Shift Nurses Nanase Ren Motivational Poster
I have to wonder how all these dumb, horny bitches got through med school in the first place. Oh wait.

Anyway, for those wondering why I’m here today writing about this peculiar hentai, especially when I’ve never written a hentai review before, one of my jobs as the author of this blog is to push your conventional boundaries, and for sure NSN is one of the most unconventional things I’ve witness (psychologically and physically)––even for a hentai. If you weren’t afraid of going to the doctor before, after this you may be.

The only good point I’ll give to this hentai is that, like the Saw movies––which ironically I was much into at the time––it’s interesting to see the different ways Dr. Hirasaka blackmails each nurse and then turns them into sex slaves. Halfway through the series, they end up confessing to the detectives why they never reported him to the police: “Because I love him!” In retrospect, I find it hard to believe that the hospital employed so many nurses with Stockholm syndrome, unless the president knew all along(?).

NSN can be good for fapping, but maybe just for your one favorite episode. If this type of stuff doesn’t interest you, I wouldn’t sit and watch the whole series, unless you skip to the good parts. Even then, I can’t seem to get off on women defecating themselves (which is what 90% of this anime is). After seeing NSN twice and knowing what to expect, there were still 3 times where I had trouble swallowing (maybe I’ve become a softie). If watching this doesn’t cure your constipation, I don’t know what will.

I’m not sure what the moral of NSN is supposed to be: either that all women are covert nymphomaniacs or blackmailing will get the shit stabbed out of you. I believe it is neither of those. The true moral of this story is that all gynecologists are scat-loving, BDSM perverts, all nurses lust for sex due to the stress of continually working late hours, and in the future, all hospitals will take care of more than just your health needs.

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18 Responses to Night Shift Nurses [Review]

  1. atvrcr says:

    Man I tried to think about something to comment on but couldn’t. It was a very good read but you pretty much said everything that could have been said, so I have nothing to add.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    I stopped watching H for plots and morals a long time ago. Now all I care about are Yuri H scenes…except in all yuri H where the plot is sometimes very nice, (Sono Hanabira for example). Then again there are some yuri scenes that upset me as well.

    Anyway, great H review dood. Much better than any of mine…then again I’ve only made 2.

    • MkMiku says:

      Same here. I got bored of it, to be honest. Hentai aren’t really known for their intellectual plots. Speaking of which, Sono Hanabira is a very good watch for anyone even remotely interested in yuri. :3

      Thanks for the compliment! Being that this was my first H-review ever, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out. But that’s the excitement of it. ^^;

  3. Ah, NSN – remembering brings back some memories. First time, I learned of the scat fetish among other things I would like to forget. I did not find the story of too much interest, but the animation was somewhat alright, so I got my mileage out of it. Nice and simple review. Still debating whether I want to review some the many H-videos I have watched. There are some good one’s though.

    • MkMiku says:

      Ya, NSN taught me many things I can’t unlearn and showed me many things I can’t unsee (specifically, Dr. Hirasaka’s veiny penis). I found the story interesting, which is why I decided to watch it again. But it’s not as great as I remember it, especially since now I know most H-anime are exactly the same–one male lead fucking a harem of girls.

      I would be interested in your reviews. It seems like genuinely well produced hentai are few and far between,

  4. Will says:

    This wholly reminds me of this another H series that had kind of the same premise. It was about a train company going bankrupt or something like that.

    P.S: I’m looking forward to this new kind of treatment.

  5. Nopy says:

    This is far from having the highest shock value out there, I’ll just leave it at that.

    • MkMiku says:

      Oh, I’m sure you’re right. Though, I kinda lost interest in hentai, so that I haven’t completed very many series. What I found disturbing with NSN was not only the amount of excrements, but also Dr. Hirasaka’s brainwashing and use of force to make them become these sex addicts. Bible Black is probably worse than this, imo–the first time it was hard just keeping my eyes on the screen, but I haven’t seen enough of it to make a fair comparison.

  6. Not gonna lie. My first thought upon seeing this post:

    “Holy shit, someone else knows about this thing!”

    And you’re right, Bible Black is /infinitely/ worse. Also infinitely more hilarious if you watch the dub!

    • MkMiku says:

      Ya, I saw a NSN DVD at the video store once, but I didn’t bother buying it since I heard a lot of the scenes were banned and didn’t make it into the final cut.

      I think if I were to watch Bible Black again, I’d laugh my ass off. When I first saw it, it was both shocking and hilarious a the same time. >w<

  7. Rudolf says:

    Totally agree, this series is bullshit apart from some of the scenes in the preliminary stages!
    Maybe I am a softie myself and I often had trouble finding Hentai.
    Anyway it’s great to have someone speaking against this sort of crappy Hentai instead of masturbating against stupid stuff like this!

  8. Billy says:

    Ah found this on google, to look for reviews.
    I watched this whole series the last night out of curiosity and to broaden my horizon on the hentai world and all i can say this gets a big “anti-fap” stamp with all the scat involved (though the sound effects are pure lulz). At no point in the series i had the urge to unzip and wiggle my barrel, i loved how they drew the pubichair bush of the girls though, it’s a highly erotic view for me and i like how they give them pubic hair in most hentai, it seems to be pretty common in Asian porn anyways.

    I merely watched it for the story and to see how the Doctor managed to get all those girls in their slave state. Well as usual in Hentai he got them by simple blackmailing her with something and in the end they all enjoyed it. I’m with you with the moral that those nurses were stressed with the bad things they did and were used against them and because of work stress. With the pressure that this could be reveiled they let this happen to them and the doctor managed to make them enjoy it. Also as usual in Hentai the male protagonist (antagonist in this case) is usually well equipped and has good knowledge how to please a woman and this is the reason why they started to enjoy it.

    I agree on the moral point you gave, but it’s still an Hentai, a fiction and should be seen as such. It’s made to please the viewer with nymphomanic girls who beg to be pleased. Apart from the scat nonsense it delivered a rather good storyline, but i wouldn’t watch it a second time, Night shift Nurses was definitely a 1time thing for me, just to see what the fuzz i all about. Now i know that’s it’s really some heavy shit, literally.

  9. Sasuke says:

    LOL now i want to download this…

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