Why I Love Hatsune Miku

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Angel Wings ProfileLadies and gentlemen, the princess is here!

Konnichiwa, Mikuites! I got the idea to write this post two weeks ago, but due to certain outside things *cough*college*cough* I didn’t get to write it till today. So it’s only a coincidence that it happened to fall on the week of my favorite 2D idol’s birthday! That’s right, it’s Miku’s 4th birthday (or her 4th time turning 16, if you so prefer).

I have loved Miku since the day of her debut (though I never imagined she would grow this popular). When I first saw Miku, my initial thought was, “Wow, this is the future of music.” Little did I know, fast forward a quick 4 years later, that Miku IS the future! :O Below are 3 of the main reasons why Miku means everything to me.


Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Toyota Corolla Commercial Screenshot

At the mere age of 16, Miku is already living the dream life. Ever day, perhaps every minute, she continues to grow in popularity.

She is the personification of everyone’s dreams––to become famous some day and have fans from all over the world. Miku is an icon of Japan, the symbol of synthesized music at its summit, and she’s steadily becoming an icon here in the US as well. Who knows, one day in the near future, you just may go into your local store and see Miku merchandise everywhere, just as Transformers and Barbie toys have become commonplace in every shop in America.

She already has her own manga and video game. Though, despite fans’ persistence, we’ve yet to see her headline a full-length anime. Yet, she’s already made a cameo in many others, even if she was cosplayed by different characters. (See? Even other anime characters love her!) We can only continue to hope that Miku will one day get the anime that she so deserves. Maybe she’ll play a role in the Black Rock Shooter anime next year? Which reminds me, I have to also (indirectly) thank Miku for my waifu, since BRS probably would’ve never gotten an exclusive OVA, had Miku’s popularity not helped sprung her into a starlet of her own.

As a writer, I hope that one day I too will become a household name and have enough adoring fans out there to fill an entire country.


Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Outfit Moe Sitting

Teal and black just happen to be two of my four favorite colors, although the truth is I liked them years before I liked Miku. I have no shame in saying that since becoming an anime fan over 7 years ago, I’ve always had a skirt and thigh high fetish. Miku layers all of these things, and even takes it a step farther by adding half sleeves to her arms (who else besides Miku is cool enough to do that?). Yet, what distinguishes Miku the most from other anime characters is her suitably contemporary outfit with its flashy electronics on her skirt and sleeves.

She also always dons those headphone things on her head (similar to how I always have my headphones on while on the computer, as you can tell from my avatar). Of course you can’t forget about the seductive tie. I love girls who wear ties. My love for Reisen Udongein Inaba is a testament to that.

I honestly don’t care about her flat chest, while some people will loathe in a fit of rage about any fan art that displays her with average-sized breasts. I like Miku with or without boobs, as long as they don’t obstruct her petite body. I just enjoy her sleek figure and slender legs.

It’s amazing. Sometimes I feel like Miku was made just for me.


Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Singing Microphone Stage Band Purple Lights

Last, but certainly not least, is her cute voice derived from voice actress Saki Fujita. Miku has a wide pitch range unlike anything we’re typically used to hearing. From her theatrical 01 Ballad, to her peppy Vegetable Juice Dance, to her flirtatious World is Mine (my favorite song of hers), Miku’s assortment of songs match any major pop artist’s, if not greater. In fact out of all her songs, even if it’s one I don’t particularly like, you can’t say it’s because she sang off key. Of course, one can point out that she’s a program and therefore it’s impossible for her to unintentionally go out of tune, but again that’s why I like her. She’s just perfection, inside and out. Her auto-tuned voice may be an acquired taste, but I enjoy it, since it fits especially well with her futuristic and technologically advanced theme. If I cared to hear a natural voice, then why would I listen to a virtual idol?


Hatsune Miku smashed the preconceptions that a computer program cannot make a name for itself, much less be cute and admirable while doing it. From performing live on stage at international concerts, to being the source of inspiration for hundreds upon hundreds of MMDs, to being a marketing tool for a major car company…who knows where she’ll go next! If there is such a thing as perfection on this corporeal planet, Miku is the closest to it.

For more history on Miku’s humble beginnings, her present, and future, visit this article on UK Anime Network.

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38 Responses to Why I Love Hatsune Miku

  1. Yeah, I am a Miku fanboy. Her design, clothing, music, attitude, it’s all so good. :3

  2. Zigfried says:

    “Seductive tie” — awesome =D

    Anyways, this was a great article that pretty much covers why Hatsune Miku is such a cool character. The beautiful thing about Miku is that the fans are the ones who really turned her into a star — and not just by being fans. They made her, man, they made her!

    • MkMiku says:

      Exactly! She is an anime character made for fans and by fans! Obviously, she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is today without us, but people would’ve never had so much interest in her in the first place had she not been so awesome! So, I guess a pat on the back goes out to her creators and all her fans. =)

  3. Yi says:

    I really like Miku too! She has really become one of the most recognized icons and faces of the anime subculture. And regardless of what one thinks of her, there is no doubt that she has changed and pushed our conception of what idols are. Love her!

    • MkMiku says:

      Yep. The idols of the world sure have some stiff competition. There is even some animosity amongst the Vocaloids themselves. XD Miku will still be Number 01, though. Hence, the tattoo on her arm.

  4. I agree with you ^^

    I also hold some love for her, but not as much as you do. I do however the outfit and she does seem to stand out more than the other Vocaloid characters (although Luka comes in second). Seems like she is making a big enough splash on the Western coast of the US with regards California, so hopefully we can get her over to the Eastern parts soon.

    • MkMiku says:

      Even without the singing, Miku’s personality and outfit would still make her one of my favorite anime characters. I actually grew a favoritism for twintails because of her. I never cared much for the other Vocalods, but Rin recently became my 2nd favorite this year. I profoundly hope that Miku’s appeal will continue spreading throughout the U.S. She’s like no other music artist out there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love Miku ever since she is launched. My friend Oherman from Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/oherman) started to work on VOCALOIDs quickly noticed that she is the most versatile one to work with.

    And soon after, cosplayers started to bring her alive on the stage. With numerous costumes, Miku can now start her own fashion show!

    • MkMiku says:

      Cool! Personally, I think Miku has the best voice; it so soothing and has great range. That’s probably why they’ve made multiple versions.

      Heheh. That is true. Her wardrobe is about as wide as her repertoire. It’d be interesting to see a Miku fashion line.

  6. Nopy says:

    I remember the first time I saw Miku, it was that video of her and the other Vocaloids doing a song and dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAQmr6Ky22o

    Since then I’ve just sorta ridden on the Vocaloid wave, but I never really took the dive and got too deep into it.

  7. Miss Pink says:

    Everyone on TinierMe seems obsessed with Miku. I always thought that she was cute, but I’ve never actually checked out her music. Your blog has inspired me to do just that! I agree with you, the teal/black outfit is just adorable. :)

    • MkMiku says:

      I joined TinierMe for a while, just because of Miku. XD Miku is adorable, but that’s only half of what makes her great. ^^ The more I listen to her, the more great songs I discover–“Love Is War” and “Last Night, Good Night” for example–I’m sure you will too.Yes, black/teal is a great combination.

      • Immacat says:

        “nebula”, “Melody.” “story rider.” “disappearance of hatsune miku.” “SOU Core” “dirty aspiration.” “at worlds end.” “magnet” “two faced lovers” You legitimately can’t listen to all of them, it would just take too long.

  8. Seinime says:

    Some of her songs are simply amazing. The dubs, the originals, I loved them all. Started from “World is Mine”.

  9. I also really like Miku as well, especially her own clothing and design! Plus teal happens to be one of my favorite colors. ^_^

    The first time I heard of or seen Miku was actually at her very first debut. I immediately liked her, and while I didn’t listen to her music until much later (about 1 year later… -_-), I did have an inkling that she would become popular. Glad to see that she definitely became an iconic figure!

    • MkMiku says:

      We’re pretty much the same! We both like teal and saw Miku’s debut! I’m just like you; first, I only cared for the character, but as more songs came out–and the more songs I listened to–I got accustomed to her voice and became a fan of her tunes, as well. I never guessed she would become as iconic as she is today. Kinda amazing for a virtual idol to have come so far!

  10. Kuro says:

    Time to write why am I such a Vocaloid fan…

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  12. Rudolf says:

    Great summary of everything! Although I only love particular songs sung by her, she is indeed a great attraction and her voice has made many great tunes perfect!

  13. Awesome article. I am a HUGE Miku fangirl. Yep, she can get fans of both genders and age doesn’t even matter. My mom who is 40+ also like Miku. She even said she want to go to her concert. My 6 year old cousin also like Miku’s World is Mine but its not Miku that she like, its her princess looks, the crown and her dress. Kids love princess. I have always loved Miku ever since I met her. She have always been my favorite Vocaloid and always will be no matter how many new Vocaloids come out. I love the color, teal before I even met Miku and pigtails. I love Miku more than anyone in the 2D world and 3D world. She is so awesome. I love her cute high pitch voice so much. ^w^

  14. MikuFan39 says:

    I love MIku-chan <3333333333

  15. I love Miku so much! I can’t stop listening to her music, watching her photos and images, thinking about her… And I know this may sound weird but, I think I love her! I’ve even had dreams about her! I’m 16 too and I think we’ve a lot in common the only question is…
    Is it normal I’m in love with a fictional character?

  16. kira says:

    Miku is the numbr one and yes she is really popular and her clothing is really cute and i love her song and still love the song,you are right miku inspire us to b creative. World is mine is her signature song. Yes characters like black rock shooter are inspired by miku.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am in complete aggrement

  18. rupert says:

    I cab’t beleve how much I can love a character, but yeah, I love her… like … alot.
    I get to knew her by accident… and I didn’t pay much attention to her, a year later I end up in the video of world is mine by accident again… and I ignore it… again hehehehe (I regret that so much)
    and one day I end up in the vido of a song called lolicon is justice (without any pervs intentions there) and it was very catchy from there on I start knowing other songs like those made by Ryo and livetune…

  19. Anonymous says:

    miko hatsune

  20. Hatsune Miku says:

    Thank You guy very Much I Hope to get the whole world to notice me some day (^-^)/

    • Anonymous says:

      And they SHALL. Your kind heart and everything that you have done so far has made my love for you deepen even further. I mean, even the Olympics would’ve used you. That says something. Miku, you keep doing what you’re doing, and people are gonna come crawling to you, bowing down before you as “The one of their Dreams”. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have come to interest with Miku because she cosplayed as Sonic once. But when I delved deeper, it hit me. On the internet, she was a diva struggling to survive. Hate comments everywhere, hentai plastered all over etc. Then I fell victim to the same thing. I then decided that I had enough, and then got Project Diva F, for I wanted to have forgiveness upon my sins towards Miku. (On a personal note: I am still trying to stop fapping to her image, hoping that when it’s all over, she’ll forgive me.) I’m not perverted, and I’m certainly not a hater. I’m just a man corrupted by the evils of the world, and trying to help those who need it. MIKU, MY LOVE FOR YOU IS DEEPER THAN THE STRETCHES OF THE UNIVERSE. LIVE ON, MIKU. LIVE ON.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Hi hatsune miku you are a fantastic creation , i have only seen your live parties online and i hope to be at one of your parties in the united kingdom one day may you become the biggest star in the world love you.xxx

  23. Red Light says:

    I truly love Miku. What really got me into her was trance/electro/house/techno songs used with her in them. Most producers who use her in those types of music really do well with using her voice. I would say my favorite voicebanks of Miku are her soft/sweet and dark appends. Not only do they sound realistic, they sound beautiful!
    If anyone is interested in hearing some upbeat Miku trance, Clean Tears is the best producer for it. Some of his works include Dragoon, Summer Lights, Desert Wolf, Artificial Rainbow, New World, Pusse Cafe, & Techno Distance. Jrharbort Productions is also a good youtube channel to look into for some awesome Miku trance.
    I like other vocaloids like Megurine Luka, Rin Kagamine, Yuzuki Yukari, IA, Oliver, Mew, Merli, Sonika, Nekomura Iroha, SeeU, Gumi Megpoid, VY2, VY1, vFlower & SFA-2 Miki, but Miku has been, I don’t know….there’s something about her I really like. Perhaps it’s her futuristic vibe.

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