Who’s Your Waifu?

Black Rock Shooter Illustration Waifu

I saw this hilarious video on Valentine’s Day thanks to a tweet via RequiemGG.

On Valentine’s Day I wrote about what I would consider to be the perfect date with the perfect waifu. But even though I always considered Kaedae as my waifu, I think that has changed recently.

I’ve deeply fallen in love with Black Rock Shooter –– and every night I imagine her sleeping with me (I’m mean, her reveling outfit is pretty much the same as her sleeping in underwear).

I’m not sure exactly when this infatuation firststarted (probably the first time I heard “Black Rock Shooter”), but I know it greatly strengthened once I got my BRS Nendoroid. BRS was my first –– uh, my first anime figure, I mean. And having her by my side every time I sat at my computer, built a deeper connection for me.

The reason I got her in the first place, besides her uber kawaiiness, is because I hoped that she would inspire me every time I would write. And she has; I mean, how can you not cheer up while looking at that adorable face?

BRS not only has a sexy body (I especially love her jacket) and twintails, but an innate collectedness as well, which makes her a total badass.

That is why I love having BRS as my waifu, and will forever be (alone) by her side.

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11 Responses to Who’s Your Waifu?

  1. Q says:

    A change of heart? Kaedae won’t be happy to know this ^^;

    BRS definitely gained a lot of attention when the OVA got released, and a lot of merchandises such as nendoroids and figma are out fairly soon after that. I too have taken a liking of the character, but mostly just because of the figma that I’ve bought; it’s one of the few favourites I have among my figmas so far.

    No bars hold, I’d agree with you on how the way she dresses look as if she got partially undressed before you put her to bed, which is, um… Tempting. This got worse as the figma does have a closed eye expression for it.

    While I do like her character design, I don’t really think she really has a character within her; BRS is originally just a character design, an illustration, then turned into a big hit Miku music video. A lot of things are up to the fans to liven up the character (like Miku), and Ordet the anime studio included a school girl in a real world to associate with BRS with this parallel world interaction (the execution is kinda odd if you ask me). And now the upcoming PSP game will have her as a final weapon for mankind in a completely different setting – a post-apocalytpic world.

    In a more negative way, we may be driven by one fad after another. I do not know how long I will still keep a keen interest on BRS, especially since her settings is quite loose (given the origin of her character creation). Well I do hope you will look after her well, or else… Well who knows? She may pepper you with her Rock Cannon at 20 rounds per second :P

    • MkMiku says:

      Eh, maybe I’d like Kaedae more if she carried around a katana and pistol. ^^;

      “A lot of things are up to the fans to liven up the character.” Some people may view that as a negative, but I think it’s cool that she has a bit of that mystery and impartiality to her.

      The fact that she has no tangible story makes her feel more personal (like Miku). Whether it’s because you can shape any personality you want for her or because she has no preset story to live by, I’m not sure –– but, for me, I think it’s the latter. I’d rather create a story for my characters (or waifu) than to have someone make one up for me. =P

      I’ll be sure to take care of her. I wouldn’t want to be forced to stare down the barrel of her Rock Cannon. XD

  2. Yi says:

    BRS is super cute!

    I never got into the whole waifu claim thing. My mind and tastes change way too often, so yea…

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  6. fluffypuffyuffy says:

    My waifu’s Haruna Kizaki ;___; She’s from the manga, but oh still I so love her. it was love at the first sight :3 She looks like very mysterious and cool, maybe even bit of cold, but is bit of clumsy, quiet, very gentle and sweet :) <3

  7. 123123 says:

    Ever since I started listening to Vocaloid songs(especially Miku) 4 years ago. I have concluded that Miku Hatsune is mai waifu .

  8. StonedTryptamine says:

    Miku. She’s mai waifu and forever will be.

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