League of Legends: New Champion Olaf

Riot has been releasing a surprisingly large amount of content recently. New items, new skins, game patches, you name it. And just ONE WEEK after Malzahar was added to the LoL roster, new champion Olaf has arrived!

Thankfully, “The Berserker” is only 3k. I don’t think I could stand spending another 6k on a champion so soon, especially because I felt Malzahar was a waste of IP.

Good news is, I am loving Olaf right now (at least until they nurf him). He is overpowered to the max, and the only real flaw I see with him is that he has no way to teleport (unlike Yi or Katarina) and he is a bit too slow for chasing enemies, despite having Undertow which slows your enemy for 2.5 seconds.

Still, it seems no one I’ve played against has been able to figure out those flaws yet. Lots of times I see people trying to 1vs1 me, but when they are down to half hp and realize they can’t win, they run for it, but two or three of my Undertow throws later they are dead. XD

I feel that Malady is a must for the +15% Lifesteal and +50% Attack Speed. Basically, anything with lifesteal is a lifesaver for Olaf. His basic attacks put out a ton of damage already, so the more speed the better. ^_^ Emblem of Valour is also a great item, for the +17% Lifesteal and 10 Health Regen per 5 sec! You can then upgrade this to Stark’s Fervor for the +20% Attack Speed and it reduces nearby enemies’ Armor by 20! Stark’s Fervor’s isn’t necessary in my opinion, unlike the first two items I mentioned –– in my last game I was 8/2/2 without it –– but if you really want to do some overkill, this is the item to get. XD If you can’t tell already, I find lifesteal and health regen to be the two most important items –– this is why I always get Doran’s Shield as my first item.

I found out his ult, Ragnarok, is great for making escapes since it makes him immune to disables and reduces incoming damage, similar to Yi’s Highlander! But, of course, the main reason you want to use it is for its armor penetration. Yes, lifesteal, health regen, and armor penetration is all what Olaf is about! Always use your ult before going into battle to wreck your enemies. Combine your ult with Vicious Strikes –– which gives you increased attack damage, and massive lifesteal and spellvamp (up to 21% when maxed!) –– and it will be nearly impossible to kill you, combined with any other lifesteal items you have.

As I mentioned before, Undertow is good for slowing down and chasing enemies (trust me, you’ll need it). It’s also the ONLY ranged attack he has, so use it wisely. I love how picking up his axe again (simply by running over it) reduces its cooldown, so you can throw it over and over again, assuming you have enough mana. Even so, sometimes it’s still not enough, so like Malzahar, I recommend bringing the spell Ghost, because I’d rather get Berserker’s Greaves for increased attack speed (but that’s just my preference).

One of the newer items, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, has become one of my favs for Olaf, or any other champion with fast attack for that matter (Ashe, Twitch, etc.). It’s everything a fast attacker would want and more: +30 Attack Damage, +15% Critical Chance, 20 Armor Penetration, and 15% Cooldown Reduction! And that’s just it’s PASSIVE! Actively, you have increased movement and attack speed for about 8 seconds. Best of all, the itme only has a 60 second cooldown! XD

On SR so far I’m 4/6/2(L due to a leaver), 17/14/17 (I was doing 520 crit with a 48% crit chance, but L due to a leaver), 8/3/9(W), 8/6/5(W), and 8/2/2(W). As you can see, I’ve done significantly well in every game I’ve won.

Finally, his Reckless Swing is a great last-hit skill. Since it does 100 – 340 PURE damage (enemy resistance doesn’t matter). Olaf also takes a little bit of damage in return, but hardly enough to matter.

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